How are we doing? Give us your feedback

At Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), we try to achieve a high standard in our clinical care as well as in all the services we provide for young people and families. 

We realise that sometimes we don’t do as well as you want us to do. We can only learn how to improve things if we hear from you. We want to know when you have a problem or something doesn’t go as well as you expected. 

This page explains how you can tell us what you think.

We want you to tell us about

  • a problem you’ve had  
  • something that we didn’t do that you thought we should 
  • something that didn’t happen as expected

You can tell us about it in various ways

First, talk to your doctor or nurse – if you want help to do this, discuss it with an adult you trust. This could be anyone – your parents or someone in your family or a member of staff like your clinical nurse specialist or social worker.

You could talk to Pals (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) – they have an office in the main hospital reception, you could ring them on 020 7829 7862 or you could send them an email.

You could also ask your nurse to contact the adolescent clinical nurse specialist, or call him yourself on 020 7813 8541. He will come and visit you on your ward and discuss any concerns or worries you might have.

Making a complaint

If you’re not happy with how they have helped you with your problem, you could make a complaint.

Making a complaint is speaking up about something that you aren’t happy with or don’t like. This is a more formal process so we make promises about how we will deal with your complaint and tell you what’s happening.

You can make a complaint:

  • By phone on 020 7813 8402. 
  • By email to the Complaints team.
  • By writing to the Complaints Manager, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3JH.

The sort of information we need from you includes:

  • your name, address and telephone number 
  • your hospital number 
  • your date of birth 
  • what happened, when it happened and where it happened

What happens next?

If you make a complaint by phone while you are staying in a ward, the Complaints team will visit you to explain what will happen and when they will report back to you.

If you are not in the hospital, the Complaints team will send you a letter within three working days of receiving your complaint. Again, they will discuss with you what they will do next and when they will report back to you.

All complaints we receive are investigated in great detail. The Complaints team work with other members of staff to understand complaints and learn from them, so we can improve what we do at GOSH. Sometimes, particularly if it is complicated, these investigations can take a few weeks.

After the Complaints team have looked in to your complaint, the Chief Executive of GOSH will write to you to explain what happened and why, apologise to you and tell you what we are doing to stop it happening again.

If you aren’t happy with this, tell us so we can explain it in more detail and decide what to do next. You can also ask the Health Service Ombudsman to review your complaint. This is an independent person who examines all sorts of complaints about public organisations, like hospitals and councils. You can ring the Health Service Ombudsman on 0345 015 4033.