Our research themes

Between 2017 and 2022, the GOSH BRC will focus on four key research themes.

Cross-cutting themes

Work across these four Themes will be supported and underpinned by four cross-cutting themes

GOSH rare disease cohorts

This theme recognises the unique nature of our patient population and aims to carefully define cohorts of patients to maximise health informatics data and sample collection, and better inform novel diagnostics and therapeutic interventions.

Experimental Medicine Academy

The BRC will continue to invest in training and education for both non-clinical and clinical professionals including medics and allied health professionals. This will include specific experimental training posts as well as the formation of an interdisciplinary Junior Faculty group who will work with the Senior Management team.

Clinical Research Facility (CRF) high-end inpatient trials

BRC funding for the CRF will move to support high intensity, early-phase clinical trials which require inpatient or intensive care accommodation. Support will be in the form of a team consisting of an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and research nurses.

Translation research and enterprise accelerator

We aim to accelerate partnerships through initiatives such as support in intellectual property (IP) protection, trial design, ‘match making’ with industrial partners and facilitating licencing agreements.