Spotlight on Research fortnight

When: Monday 9 May – Friday 20 May 2016

Where: Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and the UCL Institute of Child Health (ICH)

Please see the schedule below for the fortnights events.

Date/Venue Event Audience Contact
Monday 9 May 9:00–16:00 – ICH Spotlight on Nursing and Allied Health Professionals (AHP) research: ORCHID conference Nurses

Kate Oulton, ORCHID

Tuesday 10 May – GOSH Photo booth in Lagoon: record a photo or video message of what research means to you Patients, Families, Staff

Kate Oulton, ORCHID

Wednesday 11 May  Visible leadership focus on research Nursing Staff

Kate Oulton, ORCHID

Thursday 12 May Clinical Academic Careers for nurses/AHPs Nursing Staff, AHP's

Kate Oulton, ORCHID

Monday 16 May 18:00–20:00 – ICH

Sofie Layton, artist-in-residence, researchers and bioengineers will lead a creative workshop for staff Staff

Ruth Nightingale, BRC

Tuesday 17 May 11:00–12:00 – GOSH Hospital school lesson ‘Research: learning cool stuff!’ (led by Erin Walker, Joint Lead PPI/E in Research) Patients

Ruth Nightingale, BRC

Wednesday 18 May 10:30–14:30 – GOSH

Research trail: visit different parts of GOSH to meet researchers, and do activities to learn more about research

Patients, Families, Staff

Ruth Nightingale, BRC

Thursday 19 May 11:00–12:00 – GOSH Hospital school lesson ‘Scientific research at GOSH: the roles of chocolate, coconut and bubbles’ (led by Stuart Adams from labs) Patients

Ruth Nightingale, BRC

Thursday 19 May 18:00–20:30 – The Rugby Tavern (off Lamb's Conduit Street) Pub quiz with research round Staff

Su Jayakody, BRC

Friday 20 May – GOSH International Clinical Trials Day – Learn about how it’s OK to Ask about research in the NHS, and about the 100 000 Genomes Project that is taking place at GOSH Patients, Families, Staff

Erin Walker, BRC