Novel Therapies Project Adoption - Call for Projects

CLOSED: The Novel Therapies theme runs regular call for project adoption based on its core resources and infrastructure.

Internal GOSH and ICH applicants only.

Novel Therapies are opening a regular call for project adoption based on its core resources & infrastructure. It will hold several calls and reviews per year with this been the third of the BRC's 5 year cycle. Applications will be internally shortlisted by Novel Therapies. Specific areas of clinical research supported by the Theme core infrastructure are the following:
1.Study coordinators (SC)*
2.Health Care Assistants (for collecting biosamples)*
3.Mass spectrometry (pilot studies)
4.Magnetic Resonance Imaging (pilot studies)
5.Some limited funds* will be made available for e.g. Mass spec and MRI

*There is a maximum limit on the time you can request from SCs or HCAs who are already in post - 8 hours a week.

Applicants can request a maximum of £1,000 (for consumables) per application. The call is open to all active researchers within GOSH and ICH.

Application process

NIHR GOSH BRC NT Project Adoption Application Form (113.19 KB)

Please submit completed application forms to the BRC

Registration Form (117.86 KB)

Please submit registraion form to Research Registration

Important dates

7th November 2019- application process opens

19th January 2020 - application deadline

Feb 2020 - Novel Therapies shortlisting and review

Mid-February 2020- applicants informed of decision

For any queries please contact Marta Zancolli.

2019-2020 Previous successful applicants


  • Federica Montanaro/Francesco Muntoni
  • Anna Sarkozy
  • Wendy Heywood
  • Hannah Mitchison


  • Brian Wilson


  • Philippa Mills
  • Silvia Torelli/ Alessandra Ferlini
  • Anna Rybak
  • Shahin Moledina
  • Mildrid Yeo
  • Emily Young

2018-2019 Previous successful applicants


  • A. Roposch
  • Haiyan Zhou
  • Julie Dumonceaux
  • Julien Baruteau
  • Julien Baruteau/Simon Eaton
  • Kevin Mills
  • Simon Heales
  • Wendy Heywood
  • Wendy Heywood/Maureen Cleary


  • Federica Montanaro/Francesco Muntoni
  • Juan Pablo Kaski
  • Philippa Mills/Kevin Mills/Paul Gissen
  • Nicholas Thompson


  • Hinal Patel