Support service guidance

ICH support services

Please find below guidance for contacting the various support services.

Biological mass spectrometry Peter Clayton Simon Eaton or  Kevin Mills
Confocal microscopy Dale Moulding (x4-2224)
Embryonic stem cell gene targeting or chimera production Juan Pedro Martinez Barbera or
Flow cytometry Ayad Eddaoudi (x4-2331)

Hywel Williams at (x4-2625)

ICH equipment

Andy Costi (x4-2302)
You will need to allow a minimum of 10 working days.

Information Systems Unit
(IT for SLMS)
Please see guidance below.
Laboratory space

Kate Thornton (x4-2837)
You will need to allow a minimum of 10 working days. Where there could be an impact on the fabric of the building the turnaround time may be longer as this may require approval from UCL Satellite Estates.

Transgenic strain re-derivation and cryopreservation Juan Pedro Martinez Barbera
UCL Genomics Please contact Mark Kristiansen for all UCL Genomics costs
GMP Facility Adrian Thrasher or Sue Swift
ICH Statistical Support Service (SSS)  
ICH Statistical Support Service (SSS) Deborah Ridout via
GOSH Pharmacy  

Ofran Almossawi (x0177)

GOSH resources  
 Pathology Christine Morris (x8664)
 Radiology Lorenzo Biassoni (x1166 or x0567) or  Christopher Clark (x4-2286)

Somers Clinical Research Facility (CRF)

If your clinical trial is classified as early phase or experimental medicine and you require nursing, data management or clinical lab support, please contact Christy Rowley to discuss whether CRF support may be available.

CRF costs must be included with your R&D registration form.
CLRN support (NHS service support)

If your application is eligible for NHS service support please contact Dawn Beaumont-Jewell who can provide you with costs to include in your application. For more information about network support visit

ORCHID Are you a nurse/Allied Health Professional? If yes, please contact a member of ORCHID on ext 5833 for advice and support prior to submitting your application.

Pathology & Radiology

If you need either pathology or radiology GOSH resources, you will need to contact the listed staff before you submit your project registration and grant application form to discuss the feasibility and costing of your application. You will need to allow each resource a minimum of 5 working days to assess feasibility.

All GOSH resources will need costing even if you are not applying for funding.

Information Systems Unit (IT for SLMS)

To obtain costings from the ICH Information Systems Unit (ISU), please consider the following questions:

  1. Have you included provision for IT hardware?
    Hardware Guide Prices:
    Standard desktop PC (for support / admin): £750
    Standard laptop: £900
    Standard workstation (for general analysis):  £1,200*
    High-end workstation (for High Performance Computing): £2,500*
    Server: Check with ISU.
    * Price may be higher depending on the requirement - check with ISU for guidance if unsure.
  2. Have you included provision for software licenses?
    Details of available software licence costs can be found from the UCL Software Database at
  3. Will your project generate more than 50Gb of data?
    If yes, please obtain a quote for annual storage costs from ISU.

ISU can then be constacted via