Meet Kamal and learn about the Somers CRF


Six-year-old Kamal is a patient who has taken part in a clinical trial at the Somers Clinical Research Facility (CRF), which provides specialist day care accommodation for children and young people taking part in clinical research study. Six-year-old Kamal was born with a rare condition called Morquio disease, meaning he lacks an enzyme which is essential for growth development.

There is no known cure for Morquio disease, so when the option arose for Kamal to take part in a clinical trial in the CRF, run by Dr Ashok Vellodi, his mum, Suzanne, was keen to volunteer.

Enjoyable experience

“He loves coming into hospital,” Suzanne says. “He enjoys himself. The nurses, play specialists and teachers make it such an enjoyable experience.

"It would make my life so much more difficult if it wasn’t interesting for him. The facilities are so nice you don’t realise you’re coming into a hospital.”

Kamal was also keen to tell us what he likes best about coming to the CRF: “I like having my treatment, watching TV, eating, homework, using the laptop and playing.”

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Kamal confidently replied, “I’d like a watching TV job”.