GOSH Arts have invited artists Gibson/Martelli to undertake a research project at Great Ormond Street Hospital during April 2017.

Taking their interactive sculpture ‘Huff and Puff’, 2016 as a starting point, the project will explore the potential and benefits of augmented reality and performance in the hospital setting.

Examining relationships between figure and landscape, Gibson/Martelli collaborate to discover new performance spaces. ‘Huff & Puff’, which draws on inspiration from the visual language of 'dazzle' camouflage, developed by artist Norman Wilkinson in WWI, is part of the ‘MAN A’ project, which formed a ‘laboratory’ for the artists to experiment with a number of different ideas around this concept, together with motion capture, large format printing, and augmented and virtual reality.

More information about Gibson/Martelli’s work can be found at www.gibsonmartelli.com