Your stories

A patient story is a description of an experience of healthcare given by the person (or their representative) experiencing it. They tell the story in their own words – often helped by a formal or informal interview process. Stories have a beginning, middle and end and have characters – they are about people and how they interact with the processes of healthcare.

The basic idea behind a patient story is to help members of staff understand what happened, how it made the person feel and where improvements can be made. Stories can help identify what was good and what was less positive, as well as identifying where and how things could be improved. 

Although patient stories are individual in their nature, when used collectively alongside other methods of understanding experience, they can provide a rich insight into what it is like to receive healthcare from GOSH and where we can improve or even surpass expectation.

We are always on the lookout for families who are willing to share their stories with us – there are lots of different ways you can help us!

  • Talk to us face to face – A member of the team will talk to you about your experience and make an audio or video recording. We will then type this up and send it to you for checking, along with the edited audio or video file. 
  • Telephone us – Call us and we will talk to you about your experience. If possible, we will make an audio recording so we can type it up before sending it to you for checking. 
  • Keep a diary – Some parents have found it useful to keep a diary of a particular episode in their life, such as an inpatient stay or recovery period at home. There is no need to write long entries, just a few notes about what happened and how it made you feel. Again, we can type it up and send it to you for checking. 
  • Record a short video – You might prefer to record a short video on your phone. Send it to us as an MP4 file but please keep the file size below 10Mb as our email system is unable to handle large attachments. We sometimes have a video booth in our main reception area so you can record your thoughts and experiences. 
  • Write to us – If you prefer to write your own story, just send it to us by email or post. We will read through the story and ask you for help if any bits are unclear. 

If you have any questions about personal stories, please email the Patient Experience team at or call 020 7405 9200 extension 5019.