Rainforest Wards video transcript

In our Rainforest Wards video, Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) patient Tilly takes a tour of the two wards.

Watch the video and find out more about the two Rainforest Wards, or play the video on YouTube.

A video transcript is below.

Welcome to Rainforest Wards

Tilly: There are many wards at Great Ormond Street Hospital, each helping children in different ways.

Hi, my name’s Tilly and I’m going to show you around the two Rainforest Wards.

This is Rainforest Gastro Ward. This ward treats patients with problems with their tummy.

This is Rainforest Endo/Met Ward. This ward treats endocrine and metabolic conditions.

I came here when I was nine days old because my body was producing too much insulin.

Hi Steph what do you do in here?

Steph: This is the procedures room on Rainforest Wards. This is where we do blood tests and cannulas and it’s a space away from the children’s beds so their bed space is protected and it’s a happy place for them to be.

Tilly: Both of the wards have four single rooms and four-bed bays like the one I stayed in.

Mummy or daddy can stay in a recliner chair or a fold-up bed.

The shared bathroom is on the Gastro Ward. This is used by parents and patients from both wards.

The shared kitchen and the shared playroom are on Endo/Met Ward. 

This is the playroom and my friends like to play the Wii and I draw.

There’s a shared kitchen for both wards where mummy and daddy can make a hot drink or snack.

You can find the two Rainforest Wards on Level 5 of the Southwood Building.