Koala Ward video transcript

Transcript of video about Koala Ward at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).
The video can be viewed on the main Koala Ward page or alternatively, you can also watch it on YouTube.

Louis, patient and narrator: “There are many wards at Great Ormond Street Hospital, each helping children in different ways. My name is Louis and I’m going to show you around Koala Ward."

[Louis in corridor] "Come on, hurry up!”

Louis: “Koala Ward treats children with many conditions, such as epilepsy and brain tumours.

“I’ve been coming here since I was a baby because I have hydrocephalus.

“There are many beds here and the single rooms have their own bathrooms.”

[Louis speaks to Rachel, a student nurse on the ward]

Louis: “What are you doing?”

Rachel: “Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m one of the student nurses on the ward. I’m just watching the screen to make sure all the children are OK.”

Louis: “Is it hard working here as a nurse?”

Rachel: “ No, not at all because we get to work with lovely children and their families and it makes it all worth it.”

[Louis gives a high five to Wilson, Housekeeper on the ward]

Wilson: “Hi Louis.”

Louis: “Hi Wilson.

“That’s Wilson, he sorts the food out in the ward.”

“This (parents beverage bay) is where families can have some peace and quiet and a cup of tea.”

[Louis playing in the playroom]

“I love it in the playroom best of all.

“You can find Koala Ward on level 5 of the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building, part of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre.”