Meet the Play team

Key members of the Play department at Great Ormond Street Hospital include:

Head of department

Dr Mandy Bryon
Joint Head of Paediatric Psychology and Play Services

Cardiac - Bear, Flamingo and Walrus Wards

Team Leader

Janet Holmes
Team Leader and Senior Play Specialist for Bear, Flamingo
Bleep: 0710

Play Specialists

Cheryl Sterling
Play Specialist for Walrus Ward
(Mon - Thur) Bleep: 0847

Sacha Morris
Play Specialist for Walrus Ward
(Fri only) Bleep: 0840

Play Worker

Kimberley Bonner
Play Worker for Bear Ward
Bleep: 2316

Respiratory - Badger, Miffy, PICU and NICU Wards

Play specialists

Lizzie Penn
Play Specialist for Badger Ward, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Sleep Unit
Bleep: 0878

Florence Prince
Play Specialist for Miffy Ward
(Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur) Bleep: 0141

Sky, Squirrel, Dinosaur Wards, Island Day Unit and Island Short Stay

Play specialists

Sacha Morris
Play Specialist for Sky Ward
(Mon, Wed, Thur) Bleep: 0840

Lucy Sophocleous
Play Specialist for Squirrel Ward
Bleep: 0811

Play workers

Denise Thew
Play Worker for Peter Pan and Squirrel Ward
Bleep: 2279

Koli Begum
Play Worker Puffin and Woodpecker Ward
Bleep: 0929

Serena Phillips
Play Worker - float
(Tues - Sat) Bleep: 2311

Pre-admissions clinic

Play specialists

Stephanie Liddle
Play Specialist for Pre admissions
Bleep: 0018

Medical Team

Team Leader

Jenny Dyer
Team Leader and Senior Play Specialist for Rainforest and Kingfisher Wards and the Gastro Investigation Suite
Bleep: 2148

Play Specialists

Suzanne Lyons
Play Specialist for Koala Ward
Bleep: 0927

Lynsey Steele
Play Specialist for Eagle Ward
Bleep: 0879

Lorraine Pratt
Play Specialist for Clinical Research Facility
Bleep: 1046

Amy Lloyd
Play Specialist for Starfish/Kingfisher Ward
(Mon - Wed) Bleep: 0897

Georgina Gregory  
Play Specialist for Starfish/Kingfisher Ward
(Tues - Sat) Bleep: 0034

Rosa Clayden
Play Specialist for Kingfisher Ward and Gastro Day Care
(Tues, Wed, Fri) Bleep: 0930

Play Worker

Louisa Wright
Play Worker (currently for Caterpillar Ward)
Bleep: 0726/0928

Lowri Morris   
Play Worker for Koala Ward
Bleep: 0042

Natasha Mark
Play Worker for Rainforest Ward
Bleep: 2276

Karen Taylor
Play Worker for Panda Ward

Francesca Egan
Apprentice Play Worker

Radiology - Caterpillar, Butterfly, Bumblebee, Hedgehog, Cheetah and Rhino Wards and Outpatients

Team Leader

Denise Cochrane
Team Leader and Senior Play Specialist for IPP, Radiology
(Mon - Wed) Bleep: 0395

Play Specialist

Caroline Allen
Play Specialist (currently for Caterpillar Ward)
Bleep: 0726/0928

Sarah-Jane Stephens
Play Specialist for Bumblebee Ward
Bleep: 0015

Zoe Evans
Play Specialist for RLHH
Bleep: 2022

Play Workers

Erin Hannah
Play Worker for Hedgehog Ward
Bleep: 0040

Lisa Brown
Play Worker for Outpatients
(Mon, Tues) Bleep: 2236

Amanda Newman
Play Worker for Outpatients
(Weds - Fri) Bleep: 0152

Christy Piper
Play Worker for Radiology
Bleep: 2021

Hannah Guegan
Play Worker for Cheetah/Rhino Ward
Bleep: 0911

Ellena Henry
Play Worker for Outpatients
(Tues - Sat) Bleep: 0111

ICI - Lion, Giraffe, Elephant, Fox, Robin and Penguin Wards

Team Leader

Tracy Sutherland 
Team Leader and Senior Play Specialist for ICI
Bleep: 0045

Play Specialists

Shirlei De Costa
Play Specialist for Lion, Giraffe and Elephant Ward
Bleep: 2282

Vicky Sleaford
Play Specialist for Safari Ward
Bleep: 0016

Caroline Allan
Play Specialist for Fox and Robin (Currently covering in Caterpillar - 3 months)
(Mon - Wed) Bleep: 0928

Play Workers

Amy Crowley
Play Worker for Fox and Robin Wards
Bleep: 2281

Claudia Monteiro
Play Worker for Fox and Robin Wards
(Mon, Thur, Fri) Bleep: 0037

Vicky Karanja
Play Worker (Maternity Leave)
Bleep: 0037

Jennie Prentice
Play Worker for ICI
(Tues - Sat) Bleep: 015

Wendy Stokes  
Play Worker for Lion, Elephant, Giraffe Ward
Bleep: 0798

Lauren Barwick  
Play Worker for Penguin Ward
Bleep: 2314


Anne Streeter
Ext: 8849

Agency Staff

(Mon - Thur) Bleep: 0150

(Mon - Tues) Bleep: 0152

(Wed - Fri) Bleep: 0151

(Mon - Thur) Bleep: 0460

(Mon) Bleep: 0043