Top tips for teenagers

Watch this video to get some tops tips for teens about coming to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). Find out how to stay in touch with your friends, what to bring with you and how to keep busy while you are here.

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"Don't forget your phone because you can use it anywhere and it's important to stay in touch with your friends."

"If you're in to Facebook or Twitter you can carry on using it."

"You can bring your own bedspread. Bring whichever one you like. Mine is Justin Bieber because I love Justin Bieber. Any posters you want; Justin Bieber again, and I've got loads of really good looking boys on my wall."

"Bring in some of your own food if you like - they're happy to keep it in the fridge, so chocolate or crisps or anything else you want."

"If you download Skype you can talk to your family and your friends, which is a lot better than them trying to get a Tube all the way up to London and it means you can hang up on them when you're tired and don't want to see them anymore!"

"I can't live without Angry Birds, so my top tip would be to bring a games console or an iPod Touch."

"Don't stress about school work, there are loads of people who can help you with that. Just concentrate on getting better."

"You don't always have to stay in your room, you can come to the school or come down to the Activities Centre where they have a den."

"Another thing to bring is lipbalm, lipsalve, things like that, because it gets really dry on the wards and if you're a girl, nail varnish is always good because it can keep you occupied."

"If you're unsure about anything, feel free to bug the nurses with all your questions. I do! Yeh I do actually! [laughing]"

"Last of all, always remember to bring a smile [laughing] it's not that bad here!"