Top tips for parents

Watch this video to get some tops tips for parents whose children are coming to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

If the video is not showing, please watch it on YouTube

"The very first time you come in here it is very nerve wracking. You don't know what's happening. The nurses and doctors are very, very helpful here."

"You'll meet a lot of people and it's very useful if you've got a notepad where you can jot down their names and any suggestions they might have."

"A fitted single sheet; and that's for you because the beds here are great but everything is wipe clean."

"Bring comfortable clothing, nothing too warm because a hospital is a very warm place."

"Bring your own pillows as well."

"Oh I quite like bringing in a light duvet because I prefer it to sheets and blankets."

"A good coat for going outside when you want to get a bit of fresh air, or you've been dispatched to go and buy food for your child, who is refusing to eat the hospital food!"

"The food in the hospital that is provided is for your child."

"I'd recommend that you make some homemade meals for yourself and your child."

"There's a really, really industrial weight microwave in the kitchen. Locally there are lots of supermarkets and shops that you can buy food in..."

"Waitrose in Brunswick Square, Sainsbury's opposite Holborn Tube Station, Tesco opposite Russell Square Tube Station; they're the three main ones. A couple of nice pubs aren't there?"

"My tip would be to bring light reading..."

"A good book for yourself to read..."

"...short stories or something that you can pick up and put down..."

"...'Take a Break', 'Bella' magazine, 'Women's Own'."

"...not 'War and Peace'."

"It's not completely dark."

"It's probably best to bring one of those eye pads."

"It is noisier than you probably would expect at home; ear plugs."

"The shower is very good, so make sure you bring your own bath towel and smelly stuff and shower cap, and stuff like that."

"Also remember to bring some washing powder for your clothes because there is a free laundry service which is downstairs on Level 2."

"If anybody asks you "Would you like to see the Play Specialist?", the answer is "Yes, absolutely, definitely!""

"Sometimes you get famous people coming around..."

"...but don't expect it..."

"don't expect it. Clowns come around if you're lucky..."

"...Oh not the clowns! You're never really quite sure what's going to happen. Our daughter met a llama in reception!"

"...oh that's right."

"Don't forget the teddy or teddies."

"Kids love watching DVDs so any portable DVD players you can borrow or if you've got your own."

"Also toys, you can bring toys in can't you?"

"You can but there's a limit; how big a suitcase have you got?"

"Remember to bring in child's iPad or DVD charger..."

"My daughter forgot to pack her headphones..."

"...if it runs out, it will be your fault!"

"...this was immediately my fault!"

"Always remember your comfy slippers because you'll always be in them when you're here and a nice cup for your nice cup of coffee or tea to get you going first thing in the morning. Good Luck!"