Top tips for children

Watch this video to get some tops tips on coming to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) from superstar patient, Lottie.

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"My top 10 tips for coming to Great Ormond Street Hospital would be:

  1. Bring, your teddy.

  2. Remember comfy clothes.

  3. Remember essential things like toothpaste and toothbrush and shampoo.

  4. Bring things to do because sometimes it gets a bit boring.

  5. Oh yeah, bring your sense of humour!

  6. You should probably bring some treats for yourself, things like sweets and stuff.

  7. Bring a couple of pennies because they've got a really nice shop.

  8. Remember to bring things like dressing gowns and slippers because it sometimes gets very cold.

  9. Remember to bring things for you for when you're sleeping.

  10. This is probably the most important! If your parents make a 'snorcestra' [snoring], bring earplugs because it can be very noisy! [laughing]"