Our services

A centre of excellence

Great Ormond Street Hospital is a specialised hospital equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities.

Our doctors, nurses and other professionals are uniquely qualified and trained to treat unusual disorders that do not respond to treatment available at secondary care centres. Most of our patients require expert help from at least two specialist teams; many will need help from five or more.

World-class teams are available to tackle the most complex conditions including:

  • kidney and bone marrow transplants;
  • childhood cancers;
  • conjoined twins;
  • epilepsy surgery;
  • plastics and reconstructive surgery;
  • brain tumours;
  • infectious diseases;
  • cleft lips and palates; and
  • immuno-deficiency disorders.

Wide range of specialties

Great Ormond Street Hospital is one of the very few hospitals in the world offering such a wide range of specialities on one site.

The links marked relate to NHS services and are provided to give more information on the service provided by each specialty. If you wish to see a consultant privately for any of these specialties please contact us. Please note that in most cases children seen as private patients are treated within the Harris International Patient Centre.

  • NHS  Audiological medicine

  • NHS  Cardiothracic services

  • NHS  Clinical genetics

  • NHS  Craniofacial

  • NHS  DermatologyNHS 

  • NHS Dietetics and Nutrition

  • NHS  Endocrinology

  • NHS  Ear, nose and throat

  • NHS  Gastroenterology

  • NHS  Haematology and oncology

  • NHS  Immunology

  • NHS  Infectious diseases and HIV

  • NHS  Maxillofacial and dental surgery

  • NHS  Metabolic medicine

  • NHS  Nephrology

  • NHS  Neurology

  • NHS  Neurodisability

  • Neurosurgery

  • NHS  Occupational therapy

  • NHS  Ophthalmology

  • Orthopaedic surgery

  • NHS  Physiotherapy

  • Plastics and reconstructive surgery

  • NHS  Psychological medicine and psychiatry

  • NHS  Radiology, including interventional radiology

  • NHS  Respiratory medicine

  • NHS  Rheumatology

  • NHS  Speech and language therapy

  • NHS  Urology

Cardiothoracic Unit

The Cardiothoracic Unit provides fully integrated medical, surgical and intensive care services to children with heart disease, particularly neonates and young infants. It has specific expertise in pulmonary, mediastinal and tracheal surgery. Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is available for severe reversible pulmonary disease. Antenatal echocardiographic assessment and counselling is available for fetal congenital heart disease.


Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children is one of a very small number of hospitals in the UK that can currently offer a full diagnostic service and a full range of therapeutic options for many skin disorders in children. These include:

  • common acquired diseases such as eczema and psoriasis
  • rarer acquired diseases such as morphoea and anogenital lichen sclerosus
  • skin tumours including haemangiomas
  • genetically determined diseases including epidermolysis bullosa and icyhthosis
  • developmental disorders including port-wine stains, other vascular malformations and epidermal naevi.

The hospital offers laser treatment for vascular lesions.

Endocrinology and Growth Disorders

Great Ormond Street Hospital offers a comprehensive service for children with a wide range of endocrine disorders including growth problems or abnormalities associated with puberty.

Haematology and Oncology

The Haematology and Oncology department is able to diagnose and manage childhood leukaemia and solid tumours. It has great expertise in the management of histiocytic disorders and myelodysplasias, disorders of haemoglobin synthesis, red cell disorders and bone marrow failure with the provision of autologous and allogeneic bone marrow transplantation when appropriate. We are also expert in the management of children with congenital and acquired bleeding disorders including haemophilia.


Great Ormond Street Hospital offers a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment service for all primary and immunodeficiency disorders. Working with other transplant centres in the UK and overseas, we carry out approximately 60 bone marrow transplants a year in a purpose-built unit.


Our Neurosurgery team is highly skilled in the management of infant hydrocephalus, childhood CNS tumours, occult spinal dysraphism and the surgical treatment of epilepsy. We also have a craniofacial unit.

Respiratory Medicine

This unit provides a multidisciplinary approach to the investigation and management of children with acute or chronic lung disease, or complex respiratory conditions such as cystic fibrosis.