UCL Translational Research Office (TRO)

The UCL Translational Research Office (TRO) works with investigators, industry partners and external funding bodies to facilitate the translation of merging research into therapies, techniques and medical products with therapeutic value.The TRO aims to provide practical help and expertise to investigators wishing to explore the translational pathway for their idea/project and to negotiate the hurdles and barriers that are inevitably encountered during the progression from idea to health benefit.

The TRO also develops strategies for engaging effectively with global and national companies and institutions and responds to corporate and academic needs through networking opportunities, tailored partnerships, projects, and brand-building initiatives.

There are three core groups each offering specialised support and advice:

  • Translational research
  • Industrial partnerships
  • Drug discovery

For more information, please visit the Translational Research Office (TRO) on the UCL website.