GOSH BRC Junior Faculty Conference and Training Support Fund

Travel grant


The GOSH BRC is committed to strengthening and supporting junior researchers. All staff and students employed by GOSH or ICH who are undertaking translational research projects are eligible to apply to the GOSH BRC Conference and Training Support Fund. The fund is primarily aimed at junior researchers. It aims to help researchers who do not have access to alternate funding streams (e.g. research grants, theme budgets) to attend and participate in conferences, meetings and training opportunities.

Internal GOSH and ICH applicants only.


On 1st April 2017, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Great Ormond Street Hospital Biomedical Research Centre (GOSH BRC) entered its third term of funding. The NIHR GOSH BRC was one of twenty BRCs funded by the NIHR through a competitively awarded grant of over £37m over five years. An important new aspect of this term of the NIHR GOSH BRC was the establishment of the BRC Junior Faculty. The main aim of the Junior Faculty is to support the career development of talented child health researchers to build the required capacity of paediatric academics.

Funding call information

The BRC Junior Faculty to offers a Conference and Training Fund to provide an opportunity for early career researchers to apply for funding to attend conferences to disseminate their research findings or to attend training to learn new skills.

The fund prioritises applicants who will have greater participation in a conference (e.g. they have been invited to do an oral or poster presentation), to encourage interactions with other attendees and for recipients to take full advantage of the experience. The fund also prioritises training opportunities of a similar scope to attending a conference, where it can be demonstrated that the training opportunity would allow the recipient to learn a new skill or knowledge, which could also be shared or implemented within the wider team. In both scenarios, it would be necessary to demonstrate how the conference or training opportunity would benefit the recipient’s career development.

Applicants can apply for the following:

  • (1) Funding to support registration fees associated with attendance at virtual conferences.
  • (2) Funding to support travel, accommodation and registration fees associated with attendance at an in person conference.
  • (3) Funding to support registration fees to attend virtual or in person training opportunity of a similar scope to attending a conference (e.g. attendance at a one day training course).

We understand the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic to international travel. We will therefore apply a flexible approach, within the limits of the GOSH BRC funding, to accommodate different requirements. If a trip is not possible due to COVID-19, we will do our best to facilitate it taking place at a later date but we cannot support any trips after 30th November 2022 (end date of current GOSH BRC), and any expense claims after that date.

Any trips will have to abide by national COVID-19 guidelines and policies and those of the employing institution (GOSH/UCL). Candidates are required to undertake a risk assessment within their area of employment and seek permission from their employer for trips, as appropriate. This includes quarantine requirements upon return (employing organisation’s rules for non-essential travel may vary for staff at GOSH and UCL, for example); allowable expenses for travel in line with the candidate’s employing organisation; and insurance. For UCL guidance, please refer to this page: Covid-19 Travel | Procurement Services - UCL – University College London. For GOSH guidance, please speak with your line manager and refer to COVID-19 hub on GOSH intranet pages.


  1. There is no cap on the amount you can apply. However, we expect applications to request no more than £250 (UK)/£500 (Europe)/£750 (beyond UK and Europe). It is unlikely that awards will be made for more than £1,000 without significant rationale.
  2. For conferences and meetings, applicants should proceed to apply for the fund when they have prepared an abstract for submission to the conference and include this abstract in their application. Priority will be given to applicants who will have greater participation in the conference (e.g. those who are due to give live presentation). If you know a conference is coming up but abstract submission is yet to open, please contact us to discuss.
  3. NIHR funding is formally not allowed to support any research using animals; therefore the research you present must contain a substantial component of human translational research activity.
  4. Applications cannot be made for retrospective reimbursement of expenses for conferences or training events already attended.
  5. No applicant will be awarded more than one award per BRC year (1st April – 31st March).
  6. Please note that funding is not guaranteed. This is a competitive process and each application is considered on its merits; there may be occasions when it is not possible to make an award due to limited budget available.
  7. Priority will be given to applicants who have not benefited from the BRC travel fund before.
  8. Costs associated with the conference or training event need to be fully expensed by 20th November 2022, but attendance can be after this date.
  9. Successful applicants must acknowledge the NIHR GOSH BRC in their work and write a short report after attending the virtual event to use in BRC communication material/website. Example funding statements can be found on https://www.gosh.nhs.uk/our-research/our-research-infrastructure/nihr-great-ormond-street-hospital-brc/support-researchers/acknowledgement-publications/

Application Process

Further details about the call and instructions on how to apply can be found in the Guidance Notes and Application Form. To apply please complete the application form, and submit one electronic copy to BRC@gosh.nhs.uk together with a copy of your CV (2 pages max) and your conference abstract (if applicable). This is a rolling call and therefore there is no deadline for applications. Instead, applications will be reviewed every month. Please submit your application as soon as you know what support is required.

For any queries please contact BRC@gosh.nhs.uk.

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