NIHR GOSH BRC - Pathology and Histology Support Service - Call for Projects

Drawer of samples in the Histopathology archive
OPEN: The department of histopathology are happy to be able to offer histology and pathology support for research projects across GOSH. 

We have specific support for research projects related to the Advanced Treatments for Structural Malformation and Tissue Damage Theme and very much welcome members of this theme to contact us, but we are also keen to help with any relevant projects across all the institutions and themes.

Specific areas where we can help:

  1. Advice on planning histological aspects of projects
  2. Processing tissue for formalin-fixed paraffin embedding
  3. Tissue sectioning
  4. Routine tinctorial stains and histochemistry
  5. Immunohistochemistry
  6. Frozen section histology
  7. Human tissue research
  8. Expert pathological interpretation
  9. Grant costings for histopathology

We run a partial cost-recovery model depending on the theme and specific work needed. For all enquires please email