NIHR GOSH BRC National Biosample Centre - Call for Projects

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OPEN: The Rare Disease Cohorts and Novel Therapies themes are continuing to provide limited funding to fund a few projects (cohort sample storage), to be spent at the NIHR-NBC. The call is for storage/collection/analysis at NIHR-NBC only, no salaries will be covered. This call will now operate as a rolling service until the allocated funding has been fully used, applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. 

Internal GOSH and ICH applicants only.


The NIHR-funded National Biosample Centre (NIHR-NBC) has been established in Milton Keynes to provide a high quality, high capacity service for biomedical researchers engaged in studies that include the collection, processing, storage and analysis of biological samples from their volunteers and patients. It has implemented a highly-automated infrastructure and robust information and quality systems to provide a cost-effective, secure and responsive service.

The NIHR-NBC has been established as an HTA-licensed, ISO 9001-certified service centre with its main site in Milton Keynes and a back-up site in Osney Mead, Oxford. The facilities can curate and house legacy collections as well as support currently active or planned studies. NIHR-NBC has been designed to offer a “menu” of activities. Researchers can access a complete service or discrete elements. They can discuss and develop this part of their study with experts from the centre. Studies can be started more quickly, at reduced cost and risk. NIHR-NBC staff can project manage the implementation and operation of the in-scope services in close collaboration with the researchers.

Control of the samples is maintained by the PI (or their access committee) under the existing arrangements for the study. UK Biocentre has no ownership or control over use of the samples. UK Biocentre will follow instructions from the research group in handling or distribution of samples and/or data. Researchers in the organisation can arrange services individually with UK Biocentre. The UK Biocentre can handle a range of biosample types (e.g. whole blood, serum, cells, tissue, DNA, urine, RNA, plasma & stool). The site can also handle special protocols for paediatric/child samples.

Application Process

Applicants can apply for a maximum of £2,500. A full costing and detailed information for services at the site can be found in the ‘NIHR National Biosample Centre Costs’ below. Applications with animal research will not be considered. All funds will need to be spent between 1st April 2019 and 31st March 2021 with at least some engagement/spending before 31st March 2020; applicants will need to fund storage beyond this point/past their awarded funds through other means.  

National Biosample Centre Call Application Form v2 2019 (69.22 KB) 

New R&R Registration Form (Nov 2018) (147.33 KB)

NIHR National Biosample Centre Costs (44.16 KB)

For any queries about this application, please email, with the subject line “National Biosample Centre Call”.