Elisabeth Rosser

Dr Elisabeth Rosser is a consultant in Clinical Genetics. She has worked at Great Ormond Street Hospital since 1997.

Local outreach clinics in genetics are important in ensuring that all patients can access a local clinic rather than having to travel into central London.

Dr Rosser runs the genetics clinics at the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, the West Ham Lane CDC, Newham, and the Wood Street Health Centre, Walthamstow. Both adults and children can be seen at all these clinics.


Dr Rosser provides the genetics service to the specialist retinoblastoma service based at Barts and The London and GOS. She also runs the specialist clinic at the National Hospital which provides advice and testing for diseases such as Huntington’s Disease and prion diseases. Again, both adults and children can be seen at these clinics.


  • FRCP

  • MBBS

  • BSc in Genetics

  • Member of the Clinical Genetics Society