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Taylor-Rose: Raising awareness of the danger of button batteries

“It was a big decision to decide to get involved with the programme because we’re sharing our lives, but it’s so important to me that everyone realises these little button batteries are all round us, often in places you’d never expect. It’s vital people have more awareness to help protect their children against the dangers of swallowing them.” 

Understanding Noah's rare condition

Six-year old Noah has a rare genetic condition called Alagille Syndrome, which affects around one in 100,000 children from birth. It affects lots of different parts of the body, including the heart and liver, but the biggest concern for Noah is how the condition is impacting his kidneys. His mum Gemma shares their story. 

The Together Festival

The Together Festival on the 19 – 21 September, will present a series of workshops, tours, talks and performances that are open to all patients, families, staff and local residents. From fun family-friendly activities, to film screenings and contemporary dance, there is something for everyone.

The gloves are off!

1.4 billion gloves are used across the NHS each year. To combat this, Lead Infection Prevention Control Nurse Helen Dunn, and Practice Educators Amy Leonard and Nicola Wilson at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) are on a mission to encourage healthcare professionals to reduce unnecessary use of non-sterile gloves.