What we offer


A detailed assessment will be carried out to identify any problems. This might include:

  • a detailed clinical assessment with psychiatrists, psychologists and other members of the team
  • linking with other mental health teams in the hospital with additional expertise
  • psychological assessments, which might include neuropsychological testing. These are puzzles and games that look at individual strengths and weaknesses.

Treatments will be tailored to the individual needs of the child and family and in general will be:

·         targeted to the most important areas of difficulty, for example anxiety, depression and disruptive behaviour disorders

·         evidence-based, which means they have been tested and shown to work

·         as short and intensive as possible to achieve maximum effect

·         linked closely with other teams in the hospital or community who are also involved in looking after the child and family

Depending on specific needs identified in the assessment, treatments may include a range of therapeutic approaches and medication if appropriate.

These may include:

·         cognitive behaviour therapy, usually closely involving parents

·         psychological treatments for tics, including habit reversal therapy

·         parent training/behaviour management strategies

·         medication if needed

We coordinate an Intervention Service which can deliver the above treatments to any child attending any team in our department or the wider hospital.