Psychological Medicine Team and Intervention Service (including Liaison Mental Health) Referral

Criteria for Outpatient appointments

The Psychological Medicine Team provides a specialist (tier 4) outpatient service for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health difficulties in the context of physical health illness. We share care of these children with specialist community teams which is commonly a child and adolescent psychiatry team (CAMHS), or local paediatric service. We also run a national Tourette syndrome service.

Our assessment provides a mental health opinion, which may lead to specific investigations (for example neuropsychological assessment) and/or treatments. We provide services that cannot ordinarily be delivered by a district hospital or community child mental health service, (CAMHS) because of their unusual, complex or specialised nature.

The service is provided in partnership with the locally based CAMHS and paediatric services and all children remain under the continuing care of their local services and only continue to be followed up at GOSH for as long as they require specialist mental health services or outcome monitoring.

To make a referral to the Psychological Medicine Team and Intervention Service please write to:

Psychological Medicine Team
Department of Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Level 4, Frontage Building
Great Ormond Street Hospital
Great Ormond Street

Alternatively please email or telephone 020 7405 9200 ext 5778 

Guidelines for making a referral

In order to process a referral to the Psychological Medicine Team at GOSH, we require the following minimum information:

Patient details:

  • name and details of patient including NHS number (if applicable), current GP and local lead medical consultant
  • whether an interpreter for the child / or family is required
  • please include, if relevant, details about social services involvement and parental responsibility 

Clinical questions:

  • reason for referral such as diagnostic, second opinion or referral for treatment
  • details of previous child mental health opinions and treatments
  • referral letter with current information and referral question 

Results of investigations:

  • Any relevant test results, including MRI, EEG, blood, urine, CSF and genetics
  • Other relevant assessments eg cognitive assessments, speech and language assessments

Referrals will not be processed until other relevant assessments and investigations have been received.

  1. Who do we accept referrals from

All children who attend GOSH must be referred by a local child and adolescent psychiatrist or other mental health specialist, hospital consultants, community paediatricians. We do not accept referrals from GPs.

Referrals from community specialist clinicians (CAMHS/paediatrics)

We accept referrals of children from all over the UK.

If a child lives a long-distance away in the UK, and requires specialist mental health treatment we will recommend local treatment. We are able to consider flexible packages of shared-care depending on the needs of the child and family and the local services, including consultation, joint working, telemedicine.

Referrals from other GOSH specialists

  • All children must have a local specialist service (CAMHS and/or paediatrician) who must be informed of the decision to refer and be in agreement. The child’s GP must also be informed.
  • If this is a mental health problem which can be dealt with by locally based (‘secondary’) CAMHS services, the child should not be referred internally.
  • If this is a mental health problem that can only be dealt with by specialist (‘tertiary’) mental health services, then the child can be referred to GOSH Psychological Medicine Team – or in some cases it may be more sensible for the child, for the referral to be to a specialist team closer to the child’s home.
  • We are happy to discuss liaison cases where the child has been seen by the psychosocial liaison department or paediatric psychologist department if a psychiatric opinion or mental health treatment is needed.