Complexity and Uncertainty in Paediatrics - Safeguarding Children and Patient Safety

Patient Safety & Safeguarding

27 Sep 2024 9:45 a.m. to 27 Sep 2024 4:30 p.m.

GOSH Learning Academy Events, Hybrid

Hybrid Event - Weston House Lecture Theatre and online

How do we, as paediatric health professionals, make sense of complex and emotive situations? How do we decide when there is a potential safeguarding risk, or when there is a risk to a patient’s safety? How do we process our gut feelings? Can we find the time and space to speak with our colleagues?

This event explores all of these questions and more, looking at theoretical frameworks and models to aid us in our sense-making and decision making.

We draw on expertise from social work, psychology and health, to help us understand the processes involved and factors to consider when we are faced with complexity and uncertainty. Participants will hear from experts, ask them questions, and those attending in person will have the opportunity to join group discussions and workshop activities, and participate in an exciting lunchtime networking opportunity.

Learning objectives:

  • Decision making in complex and uncertain situations, whether it is a decision about a potential safeguarding concern, or about keeping a patient clinically safe?
  • What are some of the theoretical frameworks behind decision-making?
  • Psychological barriers to effective decision making.
  • Consider the systemic issues can affect decision-making, are they organisational or professional boundaries, or perhaps political?
  • Examine emotional support in complex decision making and the impact it can have

The morning sessions are hybrid and include keynotes, panel discussions and Q&A. The afternoon sessions are only open to face-to-face delegates and include workshops and group discussions, which will explore some of these ideas in more detail, using anonymised case studies.

Who should attend:

This event is open to all paediatric healthcare professionals.


Registration for face-to-face places will close on Friday 20 September, 8:00 BST 
Registration for virtual places will close on Friday 27 September, 8:00 BST