Simulation Provider Certificate

Technician in simulation room with a manikin and equipment

The Simulation Provider Certificate is the GOSH faculty development programme for simulation facilitators.

This certificate has been developed to provide a training pathway for individuals who are involved in the delivery of Simulation Based Education within and beyond Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Course Overview

This is a comprehensive and interactive programme covering key aspects of simulation education, mainly focusing on faculty development. 

Candidates will be exposed to the innovative use of simulation for education and healthcare transformation.

The programme provides a blend of theoretical basis and practical simulation applications in training and education. 

We cover a broad range of activities including

  • debrief and facilitation theory
  • human factors engineering
  • scenario writing skills
  • the opportunity to be observers and facilitators in simulation courses
  • the use of simulation technology
  • opportunities for reflection and individualised feedback

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. clarify the role and responsibilities of a successful simulation facilitator
  2. apply adult learning theories to practice in simulation based education 
  3. identify implicit and explicit strategies to create and maintain psychological safety during simulation-based events 
  4. describe different modalities available for simulation-based education
  5. design and deliver clinical simulation scenarios with appropriate objectives
  6. understand the applications, abilities and limitations of simulation technology
  7. demonstrate effective pre-briefing prior to simulations 
  8. demonstrate effective facilitation of simulation scenarios 
  9. demonstrate the ability to co-facilitate debriefs safely and effectively
  10. demonstrate the ability to lead debriefs safely and effectively 

Course expectations

By joining this course, you are committing to completing the full Simulation Provider pathway. In return, the CSC team commit to supporting you to progress through this pathway at your pace.

To help you advance through the certificate, we will signpost you to simulation opportunities where you can work alongside the team to scaffold the knowledge and skills developed on this pathway. 

Course Outline

The Simulation Provider pathway begins with two core days followed by flexible sessions which are booked directly with the CSC team.

The information below outlines the format of the individual sessions offered on this pathway.

Core days

Day one

An introduction to debriefing

  • describe the adult learning principles that underpin practice in simulation-based education
  • define the role of debriefing in simulation-based education
  • identify the key components of safe and effective debriefing
  • rehearse core debriefing skills within a safe and supportive environment

Day two

Scenario design & delivery (AM):

  • identify the key components of effective learner focused scenario design and delivery
  • describe the applications of the Iterative Cycle and Educational needs assessment for scenario design
  • troubleshoot common pitfalls in scenario design and how to avoid
  • discuss faculty roles in relation to effective scenario delivery
  • gain an understanding of human factors and how they influence individual and team performance in healthcare

An introduction to human factors (PM):

  • explore the ways in which human factors principles can inform practice in healthcare simulation

Core days one and two are full day session conducted face to face.

Flexible sessions

Scenario road test session

This session allows participants to test out their scenario design with the CSC team. This is a two-hour session, face to face in the simulation centre for internal candidates, or via video call for external candidates. This can be flexible on timing.

Technology Session

This session allows facilitators to familiarise themselves with simulation manikins and associated technology.

This module is aimed at simulation facilitators who are required to operate their own simulation equipment independently.

Optional half day session, delivered face to face in the simulation centre


Communication in this course will happen using:

  • email: the simulation team will contact you via your preferred email to check in throughout the duration of your certificate, to share pre and post course materials and instructions, and notify you of opportunities to get involved with simulation delivery.
  • one to one sessions with the CSC team: you will be expected to meet with members of the simulation education team at regular intervals throughout the Sim Provider training to discuss your progress and development. These meetings will be adapted to meet your individual needs and can be facilitated via video call if this is more accessible for you.
  • interactive discussions: the course presents several opportunities to discuss and reflect as a group. To enable meaningful interaction with online elements of the course, we kindly ask that you join these sessions via a device that enables audio and visual feed.

Respecting the contributions of others: we aim to create a climate where candidates feel safe to engage fully with the pathway and participate in the knowledge that their contributions will be respected by the faculty and fellow participants. We expect all participants to respect this and to adhere to the GOSH Values throughout the duration of the certificate.

Who the course is for

The certificate is aimed at faculty who support the delivery of simulation-based education.


Sign up for the August 13th and 14th course

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