Influenza (flu) vaccine - advice for patients on replacement steroids

This information is for parents, guardians and GPs who may have doubt about which flu vaccine a child on replacement steroids should receive.

Currently there are two forms of influenza vaccine;

1 - an inactivated flu injection

2 - a live nasal spray vaccine 

Children with a long term health condition between the ages of 6 months to 2  years should receive the inactivated flu jab and children aged 2-17 should receive the live nasal spray version.

Children on replacement doses of hydrocortisone are not immune-suppressed but do have a long term health condition and we recommend that they receive the appropriate yearly flu vaccine.  

This is known to be the most effective method of immunisation against influenza. Although the nasal vaccine is a live vaccine, your child is not immune compromised and it is therefore safe.

If your child has other medical problems that you think may compromise his or her immunity, then please contact your endocrine nurse who will discuss this with the team prior to giving you advice on which immunisation should be used.

Which flu vaccine should children have?