How to give your child liquid medicines using an oral syringe - video podcast

Watch this video podcast to find out more about giving your child liquid medicine using an oral syringe.

Liquid medicines are often prescribed to children, for a variety of reasons.

To make sure that you give the right dose to your child, we advise you to use an oral syringe. This is much more accurate and easy to use than a medicine spoon or cup.

This is how you should give the liquid medicine to your child:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

  2. Shake the medicine bottle before you open it.

  3. Insert the bottle adaptor into the open bottle if necessary.

  4. Draw up the required dose of medicine using the oral syringe.

  5. Put the tip of the oral syringe inside your child’s mouth.

  6. Gently push the plunger to push small amounts of medicine into your child’s mouth.

  7. Allow your child to swallow before you push the plunger again.

  8. Give your child a drink to wash down the medicine.

  9. When you have given the whole dose, wash the syringe in warm soapy water and use it for the next dose.

Remember not to squirt all of the medicine into your child’s mouth in one go, this could cause chocking.

Do not aim the syringe at the centre of your child’s mouth – aim at the area between the gums and the inside of their cheek.

Storing your child's liquid medicine:

Ask you pharmacist about storing the liquid medicine, some need to be kept in the fridge, but some just need to be kept out of direct sunlight.

Read the instructions carefully and only use as instructed.

Keep all medicine out of the reach of children.

Check the expiry date of the medicine before you give it to your child – if it is past its expiry date, or your child stops using it, then return it to your pharmacist. Don’t flush it down the toilet or throw it away.

Ref: F060438 © GOSH Trust September 2006
Compiled by the Pharmacy department in collaboration with the Child and Family Information Group