International hospital by Saleh, 6

My name is Saleh and I am six years old.

I usually live in Qatar, which is in the Gulf, but I've been a patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital for nine months, being treated for a cancerous tumour.

Mum and Dad are here with me, but I also have five brothers and sisters at home, who I miss a lot.

Everyone is very friendly here and I've made some good friends.

A few weeks ago I had a birthday party and got lots of nice presents. My favourite toy is a remote controlled toy truck!

The food here is very different and not easy to get used to, though I do like British chocolate. At home I eat a lot of rice, chicken, casseroles, fish and Arabic coffee!

In the hospital I like to go to school, it's a nice place where there's plenty to do. Most of the time I like it here, because I can still play.

Fun. Exciting. Nice. Friendly. Frightening. Interesting. Scary. Lonely. Colourful. These are some of the words I'd use to describe life in hospital.