MRI Scan

An MRI scan makes a picture of the inside of your body. It does this using strong magnetic fields and radio waves.

The letters MRI stand for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. TheMRI scanner looks like a tunnel.

Why do I need one?

The MRI scan will look inside your body. This should see if there is anything the matter. If there is then doctors can plan your treatment.

You shouldn't have an MRI scan if you have any metal inside you. This might be a pacemaker or a brace on your teeth. This is because the scanner contains really strong magnets.

What happens?

You'll have the MRI scan in the Radiology Department. You have to lie very still for the MRI scan.

Some children may need medicine that makes you feel really sleepy to help, but other children can lie still enough without it. Sometimes, you might need an injection of dye to show up one bit of your body.

If you need an injection, your nurse will put some numbing cream on your hand so you won't feel it so much. Your mum or dad will usually be able to stay with you during the scan.

If you're having your head scanned, you'll need to wear a helmet, which goes around your head but doesn't touch it anywhere.

When you go to the scanning room, you'll lie on a table, which will slowly slide into the scanner.

Once the table is inside the scanner, it won't move again until the scan is finished. When the scanner is taking the pictures, it makes loud banging noises but you’ll be given some earplugs to muffle some of the noise.

You can also watch a video or listen to some music to take your mind off the noise.

When can I go home?

When the scan is finished, the table will slide out of the scanner again and you'll be able to go home.