Our values

We want the experience of GOSH to be the best it can for everyone. At the Listening event in 2013, our patients, families and staff asked us to develop a shared commitment and values to help make people’s experience at GOSH more consistently great. 

It's clear from the feedback we receive: while we do provide excellent care much of the time, we are not always consistent about the way we do this. The graphics below show the words over 1,000 patients, family members and carers used when asked to describe their experience at GOSH. 

How have we developed our values? 

Values survey - compliments graph
Positive staff feedback at GOSH
We asked everyone who has had or has a relationship with GOSH, including staff, patients, families, and Foundation Trust members for their views. Many of the children drew pictures to describe what they felt and wanted from GOSH. We got a really fantastic response with over 2,500 replies, highlighting just how enthusiastic people were to contribute to the work around developing shared values.
All the survey forms, comments and drawings were analysed to draw out the key areas that respondents highlighted. In developing our values we analysed the words that people used to describe excellent care. As an example, the graph below compares what’s important to patients, families and carers with our staff vision for a great experience: 
Staff also described the behaviours they would like colleagues to notice and appreciate and these have also been used to inspire the development of our values.

By looking in detail at the views of over 2,500 patients, families, carers and staff we have developed a new set of shared values and behaviours for everyone at GOSH. 

Our 'Always' Values

Four overarching values came out from the analysis to reflect and reinforce the Trust’s mission and commitment to put children at the heart of everything we do, ‘The child first and always’, we are calling them Our Always Values. So we will:

• Always be Welcoming

• Always be Helpful

• Always be Expert

• Always be One Team

In addition to the overarching values, we have drawn on the survey information to identify standards for each value as well as examples of the behaviours that people want to see more of/less of in support of each value.

Download Our Always Values leaflet (1.97 MB) 

What do you think of our values?

We wanted to know what a GOSH welcome looks like, so we asked our families, visitors and volunteers to show us! Please see the video below which shows a GOSH welcome through their eyes.

How you can become involved

We have established a virtual user group, made up of staff, patients (aged 11 years and older) and their families, and FT members. This group will be a sounding board for things like how we should communicate our values. (We won’t ask you to come in for meetings, we’ll just communicate by email so we can get your thoughts and ideas as quickly as possible).

Find further information about the virtual group and the background to our Always Values.

If you want to join the virtual group please contact the hospital's HR department: HR.OD@gosh.nhs.uk
Please give the following details:

  1. Your name
  2. Whether you are a parent, carer, patient or from the wider FT Membership
  3. Whether you are currently using GOSH services

Don’t worry if you can’t participate – we’ll keep all our members updated and involved wherever we can over coming months.