Legal services

Like any other public service the NHS and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) are subject to legislative control, and must operate within an ever changing legal framework.

Legal services at GOSH

The Legal team manages a range of legal matters for the Trust. These include inquests, requests for advice and support, clinical claims, Freedom of Information (FOI) Act requests and contractual claims. In addition, the Legal team are available during working hours to provide advice to staff on any matter of a legal nature which relates to the Trust business. The most common day to day requests relate to consent, parental responsibility, child protection, resolving conflict and court orders.

However, not all legal activity is undertaken by the Legal team. In particular, employment law (advice and claims) is provided by external solicitors via the Human Resources department.

Legal team

There are six members of the Legal team. 

Position holder tbc
FOI Co-ordinator

Suzanne Eades
Deputy Trust Solicitor

Position holder tbc
Legal Advisor

Position holder tbc  
Legal Services Assistant

Karen Mizen 
Legal Services Assistant

Sophie Pownall
Trust Solicitor