Results from the Front of House survey

Over 600 families and patients took part in a six-week survey to understand their experience of using the main reception, outpatients and the travel and reimbursement desk.

Although the results were generally positive, there are some areas for improvement.

Learning points

Paper based survey while easy to administer needs a significant amount of data inputting resources. To consider future surveys using hand-held devices.

Future surveys should be evenly distributed across all three areas with a set quote of responses for each.

Volunteers are crucial to this project.

While the results are very positive, sustaining high standards is crucial. There are areas for improvement, and where necessary work with staff to create a culture of ownership, collaboration and partnership. This will help identify improvement standards that are measurable, realistic and achievable. This method can be replicated across any service area and staff should be encouraged to adopt such an approach.  

Next steps  

  • The results will be presented to staff using various forums

  • Areas for improvement will be identified, action plans agreed

  • Staff will be facilitated to create measurable standards and trained to deliver them

  • Standards will be displayed throughout all public areas

  • Revised survey will be repeated in January 2013 to assess improvements against the baseline

  • Results will be presented to the PPIEC, Corporate Facilities Management Baord, Transforming Outpatients Committee

  • Article in 'Roundabout' to publish / share results

You can read full results of the Front of House Project in the following report:

Front of House project report