Past Achievements of the Members' Council

Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s (GOSH) Members’ Council has been very active since it was elected in late 2011. Here, Ian Lush, Lead Councillor and Public Councillor for North London from 2012-2015  tells us about some of the Members' Council achievements in the time he was a councillor.

The Members’ Council identified some key areas of interest. These included items related to the experience of families visiting and staying at GOSH, quality assurance, work on the Trust’s values, and looking at the way patients are discharged and make the transition to adult services.

Individual councillors bring a very wide and valuable range of experience from their working and daily lives to the hospital, and we try wherever possible to make use of this. Councillors have been able to contribute their expertise on many areas, including IT, retail, catering, way-finding, marketing, financial controls and governance. All councillors are volunteers, but it is remarkable how much time people are able to find to support GOSH in these and other ways.


Some of our specific achievements include:

  • participation in safety walkrounds across the hospital and undertaking the annual Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE) inspections
  • developing a set of values and commitments for the Trust
  • developing new retail space options for the GOSH Shop
  • improving signage and way-finding in and around the hospital site
  • advising on the consultation for the new Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children
  • running the Membership and Engagement Committee and working on increasing membership of the Foundation Trust
  • chairing the Young People’s Forum

We think that the Members’ Council is making a real difference to the work of the hospital and the way in which it engages with families.