Members' Council meeting update

Read a summary of the latest Members' Council meeting held on 27 June 2012.

The Council discussed the options for a programme of seminars and pre-meetings to facilitate further learning and discussion around key areas.

Some concern was expressed about the additional time commitment required for councillors to attend seminars and the effectiveness of discussions which took place during pre-meetings. It was agreed to set up two seminars in September and November and review the approach taken in January 2013.

Feedback was received from the development session which took place on 17 May 2012.

It was agreed that future Members’ Council meetings would begin with an update from either the Chief Executive, the Chair or the Chair of the Audit Committee or Clinical Governance Committee to provide an overview of the key ‘headlines’ for the Trust.

The Members’ Council approved the proposed quorum for the Annual Members’ Meeting.
A detailed discussion took place around the Trust’s International Private Patients’ (IPP) strategy. Councillors stated that NHS patients must not be adversely impacted by IPP work.

The Council approved the International and Private Patients Service (IPP) Development Plan for 2012/2013.

It was agreed that the Lead Councillor, with support from the Company Secretary, would lead on developing the membership of subcommittees of the Members’ Council.

The Council received a report on the Trust’s KPIs. It was agreed that in future, the report would contain a narrative to highlight actions being taken forward on indicators that had been rated red.

Feedback was received from a number of Councillors who had attended a Foundation Trust Network (FTN) Governor Development event that day.