Members' Council meeting update

Read a summary of the latest Members' Council meeting held on 30 April 2014.

The Council discussed the parent/carer beds in the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building which had received negative feedback from some parents who had described them as uncomfortable. They stressed the importance of finding a solution to the issue as a matter of urgency and it was agreed that the Executive Team would consider the issue further outside the meeting.

The Council received an update on the Commitment work which had received over 2,500 responses to the survey from patients, families and members of staff. The Chief Nurse reported that the Trust’s ‘always values’ had been developed: always welcoming, always helpful, always expert and always one team. The Council noted that the format was much more accessible and agreed to receive an update at a later meeting which would show how the work was being implemented and embedded.

An update was provided on the plan to review the International Private Patient (IPP Strategy). The Council stressed the importance of the IPP income to the Trust and discussed the ways in which patients and families using the services could become involved in the future of the Trust as a number were unlikely to be eligible to become members (due to not living in England or Wales).

It was agreed to develop a working group of Councillors to discuss the GOSH two year operational plan 2014-16.

The Council discussed the action plan for Members’ Council training and development. It was noted that the first pre-meet had taken place prior to the Council meeting.

The Council agreed the output of the Chairman and Non-Executive Director appraisals for 2014 which had previously been agreed at the Members’ Council Nominations and Remuneration Committee.

Discussion took place around proposed changes to the staff membership constituency. The Chairman stressed that all staff and volunteers are vital to the Trust and the Council agreed that communications should reflect this. It was agreed that engagement would take place with a group of volunteers prior to any changes to the constituency.

The Council received an presentation on the development of the Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children, known as Phase 3A and noted that a public consultation would be launched at the end of May with a web portal and exhibitions to provide information. It was stressed that members are key to the public consultation and agreed that the Council would delegate responsibility to the Membership and Engagement Committee to refine the consultation process.

The Council noted the performance report including a report on Quality and Safety, Finance, Workforce and Patient Experience and PALS.