Members' Council meeting update

Read a summary of the latest Members' Council meeting held on 26 June 2013.

Councillors received a presentation on the results of the Ipsos MORI inpatient survey. The Council agreed the importance of patients and families knowing how to complain and access the PALS service and discussion took place around ensuring visibility of these services.
It was reported that the Auditor opinion on the financial accounts and quality report had been received. It was noted that recommendations had been provided and would be monitored.
The Members’ Council noted the Quality Report 2013 and received an update about consultation plans for the 2014 report. It was confirmed that the Council would be required to select from the service improvement projects which had taken place during 2013, those that should be included in the Quality Report for 2014.
A report from the Membership and Engagement Committee was received which set out the priority areas the Committee had agreed to pursue: membership numbers and membership composition; ensuring councillors have a link to their constituencies; how to engage with the hospital and events that councillors can get involved with.
Feedback from the Listening Event was discussed and the Council stressed the importance of providing timely feedback to those who had attended the event.
The Council discussed the questionnaire which would be used for the purpose of self-evaluation. It was agreed that the survey would be conducted in July/August for reporting to the September meeting.
A verbal report was provided by the Chief Executive who updated the Council on a number of news stories of achievements and awards won by staff at GOSH. Discussion took place around the national pressure on intensive care beds and the effect this had on GOSH.
Councillors noted reports from the May meeting of the Audit Committee and June meeting of the Clinical Governance Committee.
The Members’ Council raised the matter of wi-fi internet access being available to patients and families and agreed to receive a report on issues with this at the next meeting.