What our volunteers have to say

We asked our volunteers what they had to say about their experience volunteering at Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Linda Abdelmoumen is 19 years old and volunteered to help us with our main reception and outpatient survey. 

She said: "The staff at GOSH were all very welcoming and helpful. When I first started this project, I was a bit nervous approaching parents and patients but I quickly got the hang of it. Everyone I approached was more than happy to participate.

"This has been a brilliant opportunity and it has helped me develop my communication skills. My advice to young people thinking of volunteering at GOSH is to go for it."

Catrin Essery


Catrin Essery, one of our parent volunteers, said:

"I have recently spent six weeks volunteering for the outpatients reception project at GOSH and thoroughly enjoyed my time at the hospital.

"I was touched and motivated to give back to the hospital for the amazing care they give to children like my son, Gabriel.

"I really wanted to connect with the hospital. The staff, my fellow volunteers and our team leaders could not have been nicer or more friendly to me.

"I was quite nervous about having to approach parents and families waiting for their appointments but, having been in the same position, I felt I could relate to how families were feeling.

"What struck me was how positive the atmosphere was at the hospital among staff and the real sense of teamwork. It was a very rewarding experience, one that I hope to repeat again in the near future."

Diane and Ivor Jones

Diane and Ivor

Diane and Ivor Jones volunteered to help us with our autism focus group. Diane is the proud mother of Elliott, who is severely autistic. Elliott has been a patient at GOSH for a number of years.

Diane explains: "When we were invited to a focus group regarding the care GOSH give autistic children, we jumped at the chance. We live 80 miles away but felt any help we could give to GOSH, or any parents in a similar position to ours, was well worth the trip.

"These groups are priceless. I know GOSH will act on the feedback and listen to parents. We all know the government are cutting back services, but a friendly smile, a little word of encouragement and understanding from the staff cost nothing. I find this is given to us free every time we visit, which helps give GOSH the worldwide reputation it deserves."