Past election results

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust election to the Members' Council in November 2011.

The following candidates were elected to the newly formed Members' Council (listed by constituency):

Patient and carer

Patients outside London
  • Mr Edward Green
  • Mr George Howell
Patients from London
  • Mr Mason Moore
  • Miss Sophie Talib
Parents or carers from London
  • Mr Matthew Norris
  • Mrs Lynne Gothard
  • Mrs Lisa Chin-A-Young
Parents or carers outside London
  • Ms Claudia Fisher
  • Dr Camilla Pease
  • Mr John Charnock


North London and surrounding area
  • Prof Lewis Spitz
  • Mr Trevor Fulcher
  • Mrs Rebecca Broadhurst (née Miller)
  • Mr Ian Lush
South London and surrounding area
  • Mrs Louise Clark
The rest of England and Wales
  • Mr Stuart Player
  • Ms Julia Olszewska


  • Jilly Hale
  • Clare McLaren
  • Daniel Dacre
  • Dhimple Patel

  • Mary De Sousa

Appointed councillors

  • Jenny Headlam-Wells (London Borough of Camden)
  • Christine Kinnon (University College London, Institute of Child Health)
  • Jo Sheehan (National Specialised Commissioning Team)
  • Fiona Price-Kuehne (Expert Patient Programme Community Interest Co.)
  • Muhammad Miah (Great Ormond Street Hospital School)

Election details

The election was conducted using the single transferable vote electoral system. 

Electoral Reform Services can confirm that, as far as reasonably practicable, every person whose name appeared on the electoral roll supplied to us for the purpose of the ballot:

  • was sent the details of the ballot and

  • if they chose to participate in the ballot, had their vote fairly and accurately recorded.

The elections were conducted in accordance with the rules and constitutional arrangements as set out previously by the Trust, and ERS is satisfied that these were in accordance with accepted good electoral practice.

A full report of the election is available upon request. Please contact or telephone supporter services on 020 7239 3131.