Foundation Trust membership survey

A membership survey was undertaken in March 2013 . It was sent to all active Foundation Trust members with a view to providing insight into how best to develop an effective, and engaging communications plan.

Specific objectives and findings of the research

  1. Understand how members of the Foundation Trust wish to be communicated with.
  2. Understand what information our members wish to receive, and what they want to read about in the newsletters. 

  3. How members wish to get involved with the hospital.


Fourteen per cent of members responded to the survey. These were largely representative of the membership as a whole and provide a statistically robust sample.


  • The desired channel for the newsletter amongst adults was fairly evenly split, with the younger (18-45) and parent/carers more likely to want to receive the newsletter via email. 

  • Over 50 per cent of the audience also receive Lifeline. Splitting down the results by those who receive Lifeline and those who don’t there is very little difference in the areas people are interested in.

  • 47 per cent of parent/carers also read Roundabout. 

Topics of interest

We asked which topics people were interested in reading about in the magazine.

Hospital news is of most interest for all groups. This is followed by the charity and then the Institute of Child Health (ICH), except amongst non-white ethnic groups where this trend is reversed.

We also asked what specific areas people were interested in:

  • Research and medical treatments came highest, which is counterintuitive to the above. An area to be explored.

  • Current and past patient stories are of much more interest to those who are or were patients themselves. 

  • We also asked about people’s interest in reading about Foundation Trust membership. Overall, the interest here was much lower than in other areas with overview on performance and feedback on consultations performing the best.

In terms of a hierarchy the areas of most interest are:

  1. hospital news
  2. charity news
  3. medical treatments
  4. ICH
  5. research
  6. current patient stories

And the areas of least interest are:

  1. membership recruitment
  2. sustainability
  3. equality
  4. Foundation Trust councillors
  5. membership activities

Next steps

The results will be presented in full to the Members’ Council communications group who will work with the Foundation Trust team to devise a communications strategy.