Foundation Trust Membership

We want to hear from all parts of the community. We want a membership reflecting where our patients come from in the country and also members drawn from the full range of services.

Our Foundation Trust membership is free and open to anyone in England and Wales aged over 10 years.

Our members can choose their own level of involvement, but we see membership as being the main way for patients, their families and the public to be directly involved in improving what we do. Since gaining Foundation Trust status we have already recruited more than 9,000 members, around 1,000 of which are young people. 

Our membership voice is strong as is evident by turnout at the Members' Council Election 2015. Electing the Members’ Council is one important way members feel involved. Please see here for more information on the election. We hope that members will feel a real sense of involvement and achievement as we improve the hospital together.

Staff membership

In June 2014 the Trust Board and Members' Council agreed to change the make-up of the staff constituency and focus staff membership on all employees who hold a Great Ormond Street Hospital permanent contract or fixed term contract of 12 months or more.

Prior to this, the staff constituency had also included the following groups: Trust Agency and Bank staff, Trust volunteers and individuals working on an honorary contract, and those employed by GOSH Children's Charity. These staff are now encouraged to join the public constituency and have a voice and we will encourage staff representatives to seek their views. The change was prompted by evidence from the staff by-election in 2013 and the limited nominations from those groups to stand as staff councillor.

Following the decision to change the staff constituency, individuals in these groups were invited to join the relevant public or patient/carer constituency. We will continue to communicate these changes clearly to all staff at the necessary point to avoid confusion.

We already value, involve and develop our staff, who are highly committed to the organisation and our Always Values. We believe staff membership offers greater involvement in our strategic direction and purpose, and this will reinforce this sense of staff ownership.

Staff union representatives were closely involved in how we planned our Foundation Trust application and how we consulted staff on it.

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