Disability and Long-term Health Conditions (DLTHC) Forum


The Disability and Long-term Health Conditions (DLTHC) Forum was launched in December 2019 to provide a community to support and empower staff, and to strengthen our visibility and voice in order to help make GOSH a fully inclusive employer.

We acknowledge the incredible resourcefulness and resilience of people managing complex health needs and impairments in their daily lives, and we work within the social model of disability that identifies the source of our disability as the structures and norms of our physical and social environments, not ourselves.

We act as expert advisers within the Trust, providing insight and advocacy through our membership on the Diversity & Inclusion Steering Group, and through our Executive Sponsor.

Our remit

Our vision for GOSH is that the young people who are patients here can fully see adults like them at all levels among the staff team, and where our perspectives are fully valued.

The Forum is led by a collaborative team of Co-Chairs:

Lorraine Barwick

Tom Byford

Geraldine Trimmer

Our priorities for action are around:

  • Training and awareness raising
  • Increased understanding and use of reasonable adjustments
  • Increased opportunities for staff with health conditions or disabilities
  • Prevention and intervention around bullying and harassment

How to join

The Forum is open to anyone who has an interest in the development and support of staff with disabilities and long-term health conditions.

To get involved with the forum or find our more about our events, activities and initiatives, please contact us at DLTHC@gosh.nhs.uk

You can also follow us on Twitter @GOSHDisability