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Our commitment to being one of the best children’s hospitals in the world means that we listen to what our patients and their families expect from our services.

With this in mind Patient and Public Involvement is central to driving forward service development. By working in conjunction with the family’s wishes we can aim to deliver the services they would hope for and in the manner they expect them to be delivered.

One of our projects has been GOSH Parents Say, a list of parent expectations of how their children should be treated while under the care of GOSH. The list was developed through a series of consultation events using parents’ and the public’s experiences and was reinforced through research conducted amongst patients.

Parallel work is also going on with adolescents to give them a voice to how they want to be treated while being treated at the hospital.

GOSH parents say

First and foremost I want my child to receive high quality, safe care

And in addition I would like:

To be treated as an individual

  • When we meet please introduce yourself and the team caring for my child with an explanation about each of your roles.
  • Please ask me how I’d like to be addressed
  • Recognise that it is difficult to juggle everything - looking after my other children and managing my work, alongside the concerns for my child.
  • If you see me please say hello, even if my child does not have an appointment that day

To be respected as a care partner

  • I want to be involved and consulted about the care of my child
  • I want to have my views listened to and taken seriously

To receive the information they need

  • Tell me how to contact the hospital when I am not on site, and who to contact
  • Please explain everything to me and check that I have understood what you’ve said
  • I want to be told the truth, even when it is difficult news or if something goes wrong
  • Please give me written information about my child’s care wherever possible

To receive clear plans for follow-up care

  • Give me a clear plan of action and lead responsibilities at the time of discharge
  • I want to know that the local healthcare teams have been briefed on the follow-up care for my child

Please remember that clear communication, respect, fairness and honesty between staff and families always benefits my child.