Consultation and involvement

Our children and their families are at the heart of everything we do, and so it is only right that we should consult with them on any planned changes to our hospital and the services we offer. We also consult with others that are interested in our work.

Members’ Forum- pre Foundation Trust status

Before we became a Foundation Trust we appointed an interim Members’ Forum which was actively involved in many ways across the hospital. These ranged from helping out with ward inspections to helping improve the food in our cafes.

The Trust now has a Patient and Family Engagement and Experience Committee (PFEEC)

Read about how our Members’ Forum was involved.

International and Private Patients

Any profit we make from private work is used to support our NHS work. However, we are at risk of breaching a cap set for private work under Foundation Trust rules. There are ongoing legal issues which must be resolved before we can plan any changes to the way our International and Private Patients department operates. However, before our Foundation Trust application was delayed, we consulted widely about our initial proposed plans.