Your opinion matters

At Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), we try to achieve the highest standards in our clinical care and also in the services we provide for children, young people and families. We want to exceed your expectations so we try to improve what we do and how we do it all the time. 

You can help us by telling us about your experience at GOSH – we want to hear your comments, compliments, concerns and complaints. What you and your child experience when you come to GOSH matters to us. We want to provide the best experience possible during what we realise must be a difficult time in your lives. 

Understanding your visit or stay at GOSH can tell us:

  • where things are working well
  • where there might be risks so we can take action to reduce and eliminate them
  • where we need to make some changes and improvements

We regard any comments, compliments, concern and complaints about our services as an opportunity to learn and make improvements. Your child’s care will not be affected in any way by you telling us your experience. Copies of any letters or investigations are never filed in your child’s medical records.

How you can tell us about your experience

You can tell us about your experience in various ways:

  • by completing our online feedback form
  • using our Friends and Family Test cards, which you can drop it into one of the comments boxes in various locations around the hospital
  • in person – face to face to a member of staff. Our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (Pals) office is located in the main reception.
  • by email to
  • by telephone on 020 7829 7862
  • by letter or fax

It helps us if you can give as much information as possible, such as when you had the experience, where it happened and, unless you want to remain anonymous, your child’s name and hospital number. 

Please note that if you are a parent or carer requiring urgent medical advice relating to your child’s care, you should contact your regular consultant or clinical team or contact the GOSH Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). If you want to raise a concern or make a complaint, please see below for further details. 

Friends and Family Test

The NHS-wide Friends and Family Test is an important opportunity for you to provide feedback on the care and treatment your child receives at GOSH. We use the information gathered to improve services. When your child is discharged, or within the 48 hours that follow, you will be given the opportunity to answer the following question:

"How likely are you to recommend our ward or department to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?"

You will be invited to respond to the question on a paper feedback form or online at by choosing one of six options, ranging from 'extremely likely' to 'extremely unlikely'. Your answer is voluntary but if you do answer, your feedback will provide valuable information to help ensure our children, young people and families continue to have the best possible experience of care. Your answer will not be traced back to you, and your details will not be passed on to anyone.

How we are doing the Friends and Family Test at GOSH?

All patients are given the opportunity to complete the Friends and Family Test feedback card or online form. The feedback cards can be returned by placing them in the feedback box on the ward. We are also looking to increase the number of ways that families and patients can respond to the Friends and Family Test question.

The results of the Friends and Family Test at GOSH will be displayed on wards around the hospital and online at NHS Choices.

Who to contact

If you have any questions about the Friends and Family Test at GOSH or if you would like any further information, please contact Suzanne Collin (Patient Feedback Manager) on 020 7813 8487 or email to

Other ways of sharing your experience

The best way we can learn how to improve what we do and how we do it is to listen to your experience. Seeing our services through your and your child’s eyes can highlight areas we may miss as members of staff. 

Improving your experience

Learning from your experience means that we can target improvements to the things that really matter to our children, young people and families. Some of the areas we have investigated and improved recently include:

Accommodation for families

In 2016, we identified a number of aspects of parent accommodation which could be improved. We re-surveyed families the following year to see whether the experience of staying in parent accommodation had improved. We found:

  • More people had received information about accommodation in their admission letter.
  • Cleaning standards of accommodation have improved
  • All beds are now made up before arrival
  • Decor within accommodation has been refreshed with cleaning and re-painting
  • Inventories have been developed for shared kitchens to identify what cutlery and equipment should be available. 

We still believe that there is room for improvement so in the coming months, we will be:

  • Continuing to look at suitable bed linen solutions for patient and parent accommodation
  • Encouraging our staff to attend customer service training
  • Investigate potential funding for free tea and coffee provision in parent accommodation

If you would like to know more about our work to improve accommodation, please contact the Patient Experience team

Food at GOSH

We continually monitor feedback received about our catering services via the Friends and Family Test and as a result have introduced:

  • Child size portions in the Lagoon hospital restaurant, for example, half-sandwiches
  • Regular food tasting by the hospital’s Young People’s Forum
  • Working with an outside contractor to improve our catering services and training available to our staff
  • Increased vegetarian and vegan options
  • Theme days every Thursday in the Lagoon hospital restaurant 
  • Increased healthy food options in vending machines and on main till points in the restaurant

In 2018, we will be introducing new services in the Lagoon including:

  • A 'make your own' pizza bar 
  • Rotisserie for fresh chicken 
  • A salad bar

If you would like to know more about our work to improve food at GOSH, please contact the Patient Experience team

Meet the Patient Experience team

Data protection

For more information about how the data you submit will be used please refer to the Trust's privacy policy 

Feedback about your child's medical care

You may be asked to complete a questionnaire about the recent care your child has received. The reason for this is that registered doctors are required to document their practice through collecting patient feedback for revalidation. Please refer to our FAQs for further information. Alternatively, please email your query to

GOSH aims to maintain high-quality patient care and your feedback is greatly appreciated. As with all feedback, the information you provide will be kept fully confidential.