Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is a specialist children's hospital providing state-of-the-art management and research in paediatric conditions.

With an emphasis on serious and rare disorders, the hospital is great choice for students looking for a specialist paediatric experience in medicine, anaesthesia, radiology and surgery. As we do not have a casualty department, GOSH may not be an appropriate choice if you wish to learn about general paediatrics. Some departments follow patients into adulthood, but the majority see children aged up to 18.

Role and responsibilities

Our medical student supervisors work with each student to tailor the visit to their requirements. The main aim of most student attachments is to learn about clinical paediatrics, but opportunities may arise to perform audits and get involved in research.

Throughout your time at GOSH you will be supervised by a responsible clinician or consultant to make sure you do not engage in any activity beyond your level of competence.

Examples of skills and tasks that medical students perform

  • Take a history from children and their parents
  • Examine children
  • Access written and computerised patient records
  • Observe procedures
  • Attend investigations
  • Present patients on the ward round and/or clinical meetings and discuss patient details with other members of the team
  • Review additional patient information for audit, research or other official projects.

You must therefore

  • Respect patient consent and confidentiality at all times. In particular, you should be careful not to have clinical-related discussions outside designated medical areas.
  • Be aware of, and adhere to, GOSH policies, particularly regarding child protection and child safety within the hospital and their specialty areas. You should make your supervisor aware of any issues as a matter of urgency.
  • Inform the team immediately of new health or probity issues that may affect your dealings with children, parents or other team members.

Registration and Visas

All students should apply directly to Student&Observerplacements@gosh.nhs.uk

UK and European based medical students will be processed by PGME at GOSH. At present a visa is not required for your placement.

UK and European medical students who require a certificate of registration from a recognised university will need to register with UCL who are able to issue one.

International medical students require a Tier 4 student visa which they will have to apply for via UCL. The Tier 4 application process must be started four months prior to the start date to ensure all the paperwork is completed in time.


SSC students will pay a placement fee through their home UK medical school. If a student’s UK medical school does not pay for SSC placements then the individual student will pay a weekly tuition fee of £100.00

Elective and Observer students will pay a registration fee of £150.00 to PGME at GOSH and will pay an additional weekly tuition fee of £100.00. This is payable in advance to PGME at least 4 weeks prior to starting your placement.

Elective students requiring a Tier 4 visa will pay UCL a fee of £250.00 and a further fee of £150.00 to PGME at GOSH.

International elective students from Low and Middle Income countries may apply for a reduction in the tuition fees.

Application process - Query

For more information about placements and for an application form please contact:
Peter Stow - PGME Services Advisor, peter.stow@gosh.nhs.uk or 020 7405 9200 (ext 0066).