Nurses from overseas

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) welcomes nurses from all over the world.

However, before you can work here, you must:

This can be a lengthy process so if you are thinking of moving to the UK, you should plan at least a year ahead.
If you are from outside of the European Union you will also be required to:

Critically, to nurse children in the UK you must be registered on the Child Health part of the register. This requires you to have undertaken specialist academic and clinical practice in children's nursing.

In most of our departments, we are only able to employ Child Health registered nurses so it is important that you have obtained the appropriate registration before seeking a job with us.

In specialist environments, such as Theatres and Cardiac Critical Care, we accept a limited number of Registered General Nurses. Specialty-specific experience is a priority.

For more information, please email

Ana, Staff Nurse on CICU
Ana, Staff Nurse on CICU

Ana, Staff Nurse

"I came to GOSH in April 2014 from Portugal, where I worked in a Neonatal and Paediatric ICU mixed ward. 

"I really appreciate the fact that we have protocols and guidelines, but that there is some flexibility to put your own input into the care that you provide to children. I think that it’s a very holistic place in the sense that the hospital has a lot of different departments to support the child and their family.

"I chose GOSH because it is a purely paediatric hospital, so if anyone in the UK knows how to take care of children and want the best for them, it’s GOSH. If you want to apply and you feel like it is the place you want to work, it’s because you know you will add something to it. If you’re willing to learn, then it’s a great place to work."

Vasiliki, Staff Nurse on CICU
Vasiliki, Staff Nurse on CICU

Vasiliki, Staff Nurse

"I started working at GOSH in July 2012. I used to live in Greece in a suburb of Athens, where I worked in an adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

"I love working at GOSH. While I’ve been here I’ve had the chance to do the children’s conversion course, I’ve worked on two other wards, and also been able to study in an overseas university. Working here is really nice because you can combine your everyday practice with protocols and research. I’ve been here for three years but every day I’m learning something. It’s a really nice environment, a good team, great learning opportunities, and you come across different cultures; I really love that. 

"I applied to GOSH because I knew it was the biggest paediatric hospital in the UK and I thought if I’m going to migrate, I want to come to GOSH. I would definitely recommend it, because we are following all the most recent protocols and the care that we deliver is the best I’ve seen."