Healthcare Support Worker and Healthcare Assistant opportunities

Information about opportunities for both healthcare support workers (HCSWs) healthcare assistants (HCAs) at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), and upcoming assessment centres. 

We have fantastic opportunities for both HCSWs and HCAs to join our specialist teams across the Trust. You will work with friendly and experienced staff committed to delivering a high standard of care to children, young people and their families. 

As a HCSW or HCA employed at GOSH, you will complete a programme which will provide you with training, development and education to care for children and young people in a healthcare setting. Your education is important to us and as a centre at the forefront of children's and young people's healthcare education you will be offered an opportunity to study at level 3. 

If you are caring, compassionate and possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills and would like to further develop your skills at GOSH, we advertise our HCSW and HCA vacancies several times a year on NHS Jobs.

These vacancies are advertised about six to eight weeks before the recruitment assessment days. 

Assessment centres

We have planned assessment centres to take place in 2017 as follows:

  • 13 January
  • 19 April
  • 5 June
  • 4 August
  • 11 December

Please apply online through the NHS Jobs website. Jobs will be posted approximately six weeks before the above dates.

Please read our supporting information and guidance on the application and selection process.

HCA code of conduct

Please read our code of conduct for healthcare support workers at GOSH.

HCSW and HCA Training and Education Programme

When you join GOSH you will complete a four day Care Certificate for Children and Young People.

The Care Certificate
The Care Certificate is a national education certificate with the aim to provide clear evidence to employers, patients, and people who receive care and support that the healthcare support worker in front of them has been trained and developed to a specific set of standards and has been assessed for the skills, knowledge, and behaviours to ensure that they provide compassionate and high quality care and support. 

You will complete the Care Certificate as an initial requirement as part of the educational and practical development of your skills. This will follow a local hospital induction.

The programme will comprise of four in-house study days: three days based on the generic standards, and one GOSH specific day covering topics from focus groups. Study days will be a mixture of taught content, blended learning, role play and group work.

You will then have a local induction to help familiarise yourself with your department and role. You will also need to complete a Clinical Competency Document and will be given the opportunity to study at level 3. 

University Certificate of Competence in Principles of Children's and Young People's Healthcare (level 3, 60 credits)

HCSWsand HCAs at GOSH are the first in Britain to be offered the chance to study for a University Certificate of Competence in Principles of Children’s and Young People’s Healthcare. This course has been designed to standardise the education of HCAs within the Trust, to provide both generic and specialist knowledge in the care of children and young people. 

The Certificate of Competence is a level 3, 60 credit award. The course is delivered over ten months, aiming to equip all HCAs with a set of core skills and knowledge which will enable them to grow as competent practitioners within the scope of their role. The course runs three times a year in January, March and September.

There are four main elements to the course:

  • Four modules (15 structured study days)
  • Formal academic assessments at the end of each module
  • Individual mentorship in clinical practice
  • A clinical competency assessment document (CAD)

The modules are:

  • Introduction to Principles of Caring for Children and Young People – 10 credits, level 3
  • Assessment and Care of the Well Child and Young Person – 20 credits, level 3
  • Assessment and Care of the Unwell Child and Young Person– 20 credits, level 3
  • Contemporary Issues in Healthcare for Children and Young People – 10 credits, level 4