Young People's Forum

Get involved and help us improve Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for teenagers by joining our Young People's Forum (YPF).

The YPF is for young people who are:

  • either patients, ex-patients or siblings of patients who have been looked after at GOSH
  • aged 11–25 years old
  • interested in telling us how GOSH can be great at looking after teenagers and children
  • want to have fun, meet new people and learn new skills.

What we do

The YPF is helping to improve the experience of teenage GOSH patients. The hospital asks us for our thoughts and ideas about important issues that affect young people, both as inpatients and outpatients. The YPF also develop their own projects to make hospital life better for patients and families.

Projects we've been involved in include:

  • developing a welcome pack for new adolescent patients
  • creating a booklet to help prepare patients for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • helping to design areas of the hospital, including the new hospital reception area (which opened in 2014)
  • writing and guiding content for the TeenGOSH community web pages - including regular blog posts
  • supporting the 'You're Welcome' project and choosing the five key improvement areas for GOSH to focus on.

We also:

  • take part in hospital inspections or 'Walk Rounds'
  • work with hospital staff and decision makers who want feedback on their projects or planning 
  • receive updates from the Foundation Trust Members Council.

Read more about what we do on our blog.

When we meet

Because children and young people come to GOSH from all over the country, our YPF members do too! We meet six times a year for YPF meetings which are usually on weekends and held at the hospital.

We also connect and communicate with each other and the hospital through our YPF Facebook group and organise lots of other opportunities and events between group meetings.

Why become a member?

Joining the YPF will give you the opportunity to meet other people who have been patients at GOSH and help us improve the way care is delivered at the hospital. It's a fantastic way to get involved and have your say.

As a YPF member you'll have lots of opportunities to learn, get certificates and be recognised for your contribution to the YPF and GOSH. Our members can include YPF activities on their curriculum vitae (CV) or university applications.You'll build lots of new skills including how to project plan, speaking with decision makers, interviewing skills, and writing and presenting experience.

Most importantly, you'll be helping to make sure that GOSH provides its patients with the best experience it possibly can.

How do I join?

To find out more, or to join, email us with:  

  • your name
  • your age
  • whether you're a current patient, ex patient or sibling
  • where you're based
  • any specific areas that interest you or ways you'd like to be involved.