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Your hospital life real stories

Emma has had a heart problem since she was born. Her real story, is about what being in hospital is really like.

In her real story, Louise shares her experiences of many general anaesthetics to put your mind at ease.

Morgan's real story explains what happened when his operation was delayed and how he coped with the wait.

Rebecca was dreading her operation - she sent us her real story to tell us what happened when the day finally arrived.

Having had many MRI scans, Miki is something of an expert. She shares her experiences in her real story.

Gemma shares her real story of spending nearly six months at GOSH and having her spleen removed.

Josephine was born with damaged vocal chords and had multiple operations to give her a voice. Read her real story.

Helen, 16, came to GOSH for an operation. Listen to her real story podcast about her experience.

Listen to Ramadam's real story podcast about how he's been keeping during his stay at GOSH.

Link to Microtia by Charlotte, 12
Link to Hodgkins lymphoma podcast