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Treatment for birthmarks by Lucy - video podcast

Watch Lucy's video podcast to find out more about birthmarks, and coming to Great Ormond Street Hospital for treatment.

If the video is not showing please watch it on YouTube

Lucy has been having laser treatment on a birthmark on her face since she was very young. The laser removes layers of the birthmark to help reduce it. Now she has made a film about having a birthmark and going to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for treatment.

"I am quite sensitive sometimes about what I look like and people's reactions when they find out or see my birthmark.

"But the one thing I have learnt about having a birthmark, or any other facial disfigurement, is that it doesn't change you!

"I have still managed to do everything I've wanted and having a birthmark has never or will ever hold me back from anything.

Stay awake

"Since I was five months old, I have been having laser treatment on the right side of my face, neck and upper back!

"Up until recently I had been having general anaesthetics (where you go to sleep) and I hated them!

"Now at GOSH I have started having treatment under local anaesthetic - which means I stay awake.

"I must admit the whole experience is not pleasant but the doctors and nurses are really nice. The hospital uses a non-bruising laser so I can go shopping afterwards!

Japanese tourists

"I have just made a film about my treatment at GOSH and found it really fun to work with the BBC.

"At first I thought it would be really scary and I would keep doing things wrong, but they told me what to do and to just act normal.

"The best bit was probably when we were leaving GOSH after the treatment and there were about 60 Japanese tourists all standing on the corner.

"When they saw the cameras they were all pointing and trying to find out who they were filming!

Only cosmetic

"I thought to start with I would be a bit nervous about making a video diary about my birthmark, which I can be quite sensitive about and for all my friends to see!

"The thing to remember about birthmarks is that they are only cosmetic.

"It may change people's perception of you but that's their problem and their loss for not knowing you!"

Courtesy of BBC Newsround